Songs About Stars Whose Popularity Has Fallen


Like a Rolling Stone” turns 50 this week, the primary number one hit to portray somebody’s tumble from fame. From that point forward various such tunes have been recorded, including another by Dylan himself a couple of years after the fact.”


The following are ten of those melodies, all containing characters compelled to conform to life after a short time frame at the center of attention. A portion of the fallen symbols seem eased to be liberated from the consideration, while others appear to battle with the destruction of their prime, as a matter of fact.


“Falling star” by Bad Company


Johnny, propelled by The Beatles’ “Affection America Do,” records his  인천가라오케hit melody prior to ingesting too much medications and liquor after an extremely quick tumble from fame.


“Resting on the Sidewalk” by Queen


Brian May takes lead vocal from Freddie Mercury on this News of the World track, which recounts the narrative of a saxophone player’s speedy ascent prior to becoming frustrated with record organizations.


“Recovery of You” by the Minus 5


Presently working in a smaller than normal store, this “previous record star” on the Down With Wilco collection actually fantasizes about a colossal rebound.


“Top of the Bottom” by John Wesley Harding


The vocalist musician named after a Bob Dylan collection kids about how he used to be a colossal recording craftsman whose profession declined after certain embarrassments.


“The Entertainer” by Billy Joel


On this acoustic number from Streetlife Serenader, the piano man concedes that his one hit has for quite some time been neglected and “put toward the rear of the markdown rack like another container of beans.”


“Copa Cabana” by Barry Manilow


Lola the showgirl was well known to the point that two men really participated in a deadly battle about her, after which she declined to wearing blurred plumes and drinking “herself half visually impaired.”


“The Home Stretch” by Loudon Wainwright


The casualty of a creative slump muses about getting his old grass cutting position back after a serious decrease in his vocation, that’s what letting himself know “Essentially you are a has-been and in addition to a never-was.”


“I Threw It All Away” by Bob Dylan


Nashville Skyline is the home of this tune, a strong ditty of disappointment and botched an open door.


“Bison Springfield Again” by Neil Young


The society rock legend thinks back about the times of his most memorable band, when the music life appeared to be more happy.


“Horse Bill’s Lament” by Don McLean


The star once facilitated a well known Wild West show yet was presently consigned to showing up at voyaging rodeos and fairs.

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