Tips to Help Single Muslims Find a Partner

 Tips to Help Single Muslims Find a Partner


For single Muslims, finding the right marriage partner can be a difficult road depending on your circumstances. Especially in communities where the opposite sex is few muslim marriage events Birmingham   and far between. Below are some tips and suggestions you can follow that will help.

Remember, as a Muslim, you don’t “date” as they do in other cultures. Your purpose is to meet a partner for life and complete half your faith through marriage. In Islam, marriage is looked at very favorably by Allah, and is considered a form of worship. Your purity will go a long way towards helping you find someone to share your life with.

As it says in the Quran,

“Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty: that will make for greater purity for them: and Allah is well acquainted with all that they do.”

Be Patient

The most difficult piece of advice is also the most practical. The right person isn’t going to magically appear the minute you start looking, so remember to take your time when examining potential partners.

Volunteer Work and Group Activities

One of the best ways single Muslims can meet each other is through group activities and volunteer work. Especially something organized through their Mosque. If you have an interest in volunteering, you will meet others of the opposite sex and you will already have one thing in common. If it is something organized through your Mosque, than it is likely the people you meet attend the same Mosque as you and you will have that in common also.

Online Dating/Introduction Service

Online dating works primarily because people of the opposite sex meet with one purpose in mind; to find happiness with someone who they can share their life with. Many of the internet services have specific sections dedicated to Muslims only. In addition, there are now many Muslim marriage and introduction websites, specifically for Muslims. You will have plenty of choices to make in finding a potential partner.

Get a Trusted Chaperone



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