My Three Preferred Laptop Manufacturers

My Three Preferred Laptop Manufacturers




The following are three laptop brands that I prefer and have used with brief reasons as to why I think these three are leading the market at least in my opinion and from my experience with each of these brands.


Dell continues to make improvements in the quality of their laptops not that they were bad to start with. It jus seems like many like too pick on the big guys because they make a good target and now days it seems easier for some one to talk down something then it is to talk up their own or preferred product. I believe Dells  quality is better that of Toshiba and Gateway and may even be better than then that of the Compaq’s/HP. Like most pc manufacturers Dell uses the same components, and they make some high quality machines. I have used Dell as my system of choice for several years now and they are the one manufacturer that I do not hesitate to recommend to my friends and family.


“IBM still provides the customer service and Lenovo was manufacturing think pads long before they took “ownership” of the product line.” If you need a truly portable and light weight laptop because you are on the move a lot, the T series will make for an excellent laptop, however if you want to save a little money you could get the T4x series. IBM which is now known as Lenovo who manufacture the ThinkPad’s and they are very well respected in today’s laptop market.


Computing seems to be a race with the cheapest computers gaining the largest market share; this leaves Toshiba courting the more computer knowledgeable buyers who really need the higher quality laptop for their work. If you are one who relies on your laptop for work or organizing your life, you would do well to see the extra cost as an investment and consider getting a Toshiba, or some other high-quality laptop.

Toshiba laptops are specially made of rugged material this includes the keyboard protectors. With the Toshiba you should pop in a high-capacity battery and make sure you have a back-up close by both at home and in the office as their performance does drain the life out of a battery. Toshiba themselves recommend an AC Adapter for continuous energy while working on your Laptops as well as other electronics.

Refurbished Toshiba Laptops

Refurbished laptop includes warranties on parts, and any other refurbished laptop accessories that is specified to the refurbished laptop computer. Refurbished Toshiba Satellite Laptops are clean and very stylish; they feature a smart design and are enhanced by features unique to Toshiba. Refurbished Toshiba Satellite Laptops are built to be durable and reliable; they are also put through rigorist testing so you can be confident that you’re getting a top-notch, high quality Refurbished Toshiba Laptop. Toshiba knows that the consumers’ happiness is their main key for their popularity and they seem to go out of their way to take care of the consumer.


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