How the LED TV Lighting Works?

 How the LED TV Lighting Works?


Because of the excellent movie experience due to its high definition images, LED TV is what everyone wants to have in their homes. Everybody having the LED TV is saying Modular led street light

that it is the perfect television that they’ve got, but did you bother know why? What makes LED TV rise among other TV? Let us all explore the wonders behind the LED TV lighting making it the number one television.

The LED TV is actually a LCD TV that uses Light Emitting Diode backlighting technology rather than the ordinary lighting used by the LCD TV which is the fluorescent lights. The latest LED technology in every high definition TV marked a buzz. LED HDTV is known for its thinness and stunning real like images. The great advantage of the LED HDTV is the combination of the benefits you can get from Plasma TV and LCD TV using fluorescent lighting. We have known the downfall of LCD TV using a fluorescent lighting which it cannot project a deep black image and the plasma TV cannot bring bright images. But LED HDTV projects deep black similar to plasma TV and a brightness more than the LCD TV.

In the LED technology there is what we call EDGE LEDs with local dimming and Full LED Slim Lighting. Are you amazed by the slim television or mobile phones that most of your neighbor owns? With that impression then you are impress by the lights being used to light up those products. LEDs are widely known because of its cutting edge technology for being slim light emitting diodes. There are two basic components of EDGE LED; first is the light guide plate which is like a thin plastic sheet and the second is an LED module made up with a row of small white diodes used for lighting. What made up an HDTV are four rows of LED modules that are laid out on the top, bottom, right and left of the television panel. To avoid shading and misrepresentation of the colors being displayed, the lights are evenly distributed.

A bright glare is one problem that sometimes arouse when using Edge LED. There are visible reflections that can be detected on laptop computers, televisions or even on mobile phones, so the EDGE LED with local dimming has discovered. Through this local dimming you can already control the level of lighting used. Glare can disturb your eyes even with perfect images, with local dimming you can tone down the LED backlights. One advantage of LED is that it can conserve more energy; this is because of the electroluminescent process. This is a process of creating light simultaneously.

On the other hand the Full LED slim lighting which is now mostly used by HDTV allows you to bring a cinematic experience in your home because of its better image resolution, crisp quality of color and the pe



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