Hearing the Word of God and the Relevance of Aum

 Hearing the Word of God and the Relevance of Aum


“Enter ye through the tight door, for wide is the entryway that prompts hellfire” – – Matthew 7: 13-14.


Many are comfortable I’m certain with the above sacred writing. Yet, all things considered, to where precisely is this informative FLOWFLEX USA section directing and for what otherworldly advantage?


Allow us now to put some profound meat onto this skeletal sentence and see what exclusive sustenance can be gathered from it, rather than strict translation. Allow us to find how this one specific sacred text, when applied sincerely, can completely change ourselves to knowing significant joy, love, delight and internal harmony.


Setting off Latent Means


Actually, we’re each inward prepared for profound arousing. In any case, until we associate intentionally with this inward personnel, then, at that point, sacred texts as these stay at their scholarly worth as it were. As such, exacting perusing isn’t adequate. It doesn’t trigger the inert method for soul arousing: that of straightforwardly knowing our actual heavenly nature.


“Be Still and Know that I am God” – Psalm 46-10


In accomplishing this enlivening unto God, no external means are needed, for nobody can give us God, on the grounds that, at our center, we’re every as of now God-nature – we’re brought into the world with this.


Profoundly savvy, It’s the ideal opportunity for advancing past non soul serving strict creeds and their outdated dread driven conviction frameworks into true reality and otherworldly development. Time for encountering God-Presence straightforwardly subsequently communicating our intrinsic capability of supernatural occurrence cognizance to help both ourselves, others and the whole creation all the while.


In moving past non-seneschal strict peculiarity – moving into elusive sacred text instead of exoteric – – it’s essential to cognize, that, scriptural ‘church’ isn’t alluding to an actual structure, rather to one’s awareness. Additionally, the scriptural term ‘Jew’ isn’t alluding to the Jewish country or its kin, present time or verifiable. The term ‘Jew’ scripturally alludes to being ‘deep down’ – – one looking for God inside. Consequently the words on of the Crucifixion cross peruses: ‘hail ruler of the Jews’ significance, acclaim (arousing) be to the deep down coordinated soul looking for their own Christ (or whatever title our way of life, custom has for this heavenly norm) inside. The crown of thistles represents triumph in this ‘internal’ process.


We’re each wired to be ‘internally’: each encoded as a reality searcher, a profound excursion soul tracking down our direction back to Source AS cognizant mindfulness. Accordingly the Matthew sacred text above is alluding to internal otherworldly arousing through killing the lower-self image through the staff means or components currently set up inside every one of us unequivocally.




What precisely does limited and wide entryway mean, to where explicitly would they say they are alluding?




Limited door is alluding to turning out to be ‘least’ or littlest in lower inner self. Wide entryway is alluding to the external world: the lewd psyche’s habit-forming nature with the five conventional feelings of insight and their crude carnal norm. Turning out to be ‘least’ in this manner implies executing the lower-inner self, our own licentious psyche. This is the obscure imagery behind the Crucifixion picture. The white article of clothing wrapped Jesus’ midsection connotes immaculateness.


Three additional inquiries


What reasonable items are associated with entering the restricted door: how can one ‘enter’ through it? Do we enter with our conviction frameworks, our ideologies, societal position or with our strict confidence banner and high upright inner voice?




No, nothing from what was just mentioned.


Limited door – – combination of human keenness to ‘least’ – – is achieved in the cerebrum through vibrational reflection – to be clarified here – – while the wide entryway capacities under law of profound obliviousness, which means lower-self or animalistic brain standard, here alluded to as damnation.


Turning out to be Inwardly


At their useful level, the two entryways present as perfect inverse perspectives – negative and positive. The explanation being, that we should gain from our wide entryway world encounters and, through such picking up, enduring or illustrations, pick one door standard over the other. Hence, having picked paradise – – picked to be deep down or, tight door – – we make pragmatic strides toward that path, similar to an every day otherworldly practice like Yoga or reflection, for instance.


Like arousing from a terrible dream, settling on this decision of turning out to be deep down at first takes fortitude. The cycle is actually easy yet expects obligation to internal stir. All in all, we settle on the decision and finish regardless of our wide door encounters. In this specific situation, we recall the scriptural words: “and it happened… ” which means each close to home circumstance, battle or challenge, changes or, happens. So this is our heavenly support all through the most common way of turning out to be ‘internally’, turning out to be supernaturally orientated.

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