Are We Seeing the End of Lead Ammunition?

Are We Seeing the End of Lead Ammunition?


It was Friday evening and my friend Wayne and I were having one of our usual survival topic conversations and the topic eventually got around to lead shot for shells. It seems that Wayne ha Amo Residence Showflat tice   somewhere which stated that many of the states are considering banning Lead content in bullets and shotgun shells.

This of course got my creative juices flowing and after our conversation ended I decided to investigate this situation a little bit further. Since lead was a toxic type material it certainly would hold some merit at outlawing it for the sake of the environment and personal health. My first question that I asked myself was what are the alternatives? Do we currently have a lead free bullet at all?

Upon doing my research I discovered that some states such as California has already taken the liberty to ban lead ammunition in any area where endangered California condors may possibly reside. These large birds have been known to feed upon the various scrapes of meat which are usually left behind by the hunters after they field dress their kill. The problem stems from these scrapes containing residual lead shot. Lead position has been cited as the primary cause of Condor deaths in the area. In addition they have expressed some concern about the bullets not only contaminating the ecosystem but possibly affect people as well. Other states are actively promoting the non-use of lead shells and ammo such as Arizona, Utah, Minnesota and North Dakota. It would be only at matter of time before many other states will start to follow suit.

That still did not answer my inquiry as to an alternative material for creating bullets. Additional web searching revealed the use of copper as the alternative of choice for lead. Without doubt whenever there is controversy there are several sides to the issue. Major gun lobbies argue that the bans on lead bullets are simply unfounded and the lead poses no risks what so ever.

Lead free bullets have been around now for a number of years however it is just during the current green demands that they have gained visibility to the public. As any gun fan knows lead is the major component of ammo and has been pinpointed as a compound which lowers the IQ of many children in America today. There are numerous groups which desire to eliminate lead in any way, shape or form in the interests of the habitat and protecting the environment.

Hunters complain that the alternates proposed to replace lead in bullets have increased the cost of the shells. In America alone the gun groups spend in excess of $1.08 billion dollars per year on bullets alone.


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