An Attitude of Quality – Does Your Business Have It?

 An Attitude of Quality – Does Your Business Have It?



I met with one of my nearby clients as of late, and it helped me to remember something I needed to impart to every one of you. My client is a secondary school quarterback club, and they are purchasing polo shirts for the individuals and to sell as a pledge drive. I had the chance to inspect a shirt that a local weaving organization had stickerei siegen introduced to them before. Clearly the weaving organization expected that the club would be searching for without a doubt the least expensive thing they could find, and that *price* would be the main deciding component in their purchasing choice. The shirt they introduced was a limited time grade polo (you know, the sort that self-destructs after around twelve washes) as their main choice.


I didn’t know about the other shirt until after I arrived, yet this is what I strolled in with. I had tests of:


  1. Shaper and Buck Tournament Polo (one of the main 3 polo shirts accessible today – Izod and Nike are the others, however they didn’t have the shadings they needed)


  1. Ping Pima Pique Polo (one of my undisputed top choices, exceptionally delicate hand)


  1. Port Authority Stripe Tipped Jersey Knit Polo (this is the one they will likely purchase the majority of – it’s red with blue and white stripes on the neckline and sleeves and a by and large better weave – excellent!)


  1. Exemplary Pique Polo from Port Authority (an all around made fundamental polo – and you wouldn’t completely accept that how economical it is)


Every one of these shirts will endure from 3 to 5 years under typical use. For what reason would you burn through $26.00 on a modest shirt when you can burn through $33.00 on a shirt that will endure? A decent quality shirt will think about emphatically the club which will, thus, consider decidedly me. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement in all cases. Also, I didn’t make reference to the beautiful 3-D puff weaving that we will utilize 🙂


Which shirts do you figure the club will buy? Will they take the quality street or will they go down the most reduced value street? I really accept that the vast majority would favor quality. Have you at any point heard the statement from the Gucci family? – “Quality is recollected long after cost is neglected.”


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